Today I wanted to share 10 super simple suggestions to switch off at home.

These are things I’m sure you already know.

However,  I believe it’s great to be reminded not only to switch off and relax but how.

Sometimes we think it’s complicated, but it’s actually the simple things that are often the most effective.

Or perhaps you think don’t have time to switch off. If that’s the case it’s even more important for you!

So read on and do the one thing that appeals to you most…

10 Things To Do At Home To Switch Off

1. Read

Grab that book or magazine you’ve been wanting to pick up and start reading!

2. Go For A Walk

I guess you’re not technically ‘at home’ when you’re doing this but, if you are at home there’s nothing better than a walk outside to clear your mind and switch off.

3. Have A Bath

Some time out just for you. Relax in a warm bath to soothe your soul – light a candle, pop in a hair mask and tune out.

4. Meditate

Even just 5 minutes a day will help keep your mind clear and calm.

5. Bake

Is there anything better than the aroma of cookies or a cake baking in the oven? Try a new recipe or an old favourite.

6. Listen To Music

Listen to an old playlist, or create a new one. Or perhaps something relaxing is what you need right now. Or just on your favourite song and enjoy!

7. Do a jigsaw puzzle

Focusing on a jigsaw puzzle can certainly take your mind off things – especially when you can’t quite figure out where that next piece goes! You could even try a jigsaw app! but be warned, it’s addictive! 

8. Write

Do some journalling everyday to get your thoughts out. Or why not start a blog or do some creative writing. If the words are coming to you try doodling or drawing.

9. Connect with someone who makes you laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine, as they say. And it certainly helps you switch off and feeling lighter and more joyful.

10. Use aromatherapy.

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend to your diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere and ENJOY!

+ a BONUS, because how can I stick to just 10?!

11. Do something new! ANYTHING!

Try a new hobbie. Cook a new recipe. Walk a different path – literally and figuratively! Your brain gets to concentrate on something different and switch off from the everyday!

Some other ideas… knitting, gardening – indoor or outdoor, dancing, hiking, colouring/painting, crossword puzzles, play a board game…

What do you do to switch off at home?

Let me know if the comments below.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

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