Welcome to a new year, a new decade, a new energy!
Welcome to 2020!
As we head into this new year I’ve been allowing time for some planning with no pressure.
It’s been an uneasy beginning to 2020 with the devastation of the bushfires impacting so many people. I wish I could do more to help the people and the animals affected. However, it’s a reminder no matter how small our contributions seem we are able to help. Every little bit adds up. It’s also a reminder to look after ourselves so we are able help others to the best of our ability.
In spite of what’s going on around me and knowing full well how lucky I am, I have so much hope, anticipation and optimism for the year ahead. So much energy and motivation to create a bigger impact, to make a difference to more peoples lives.
With this in mind I have chosen a theme and a guiding word for 2020 that allows me to feel calm, bringing peace and joy to my mind, body and soul.
My overall theme is

I N S P I R E D  A C T I O N

I couldn’t really find the right words for this but INSPIRED ACTION sums it up! To me this feels like positivity and joy. It feels like vibrance and energy and doing things in a way that works for me and attracts the right people and opportunities into my world. It feels exciting, enlivening, elevating. In a nutshell it just feels really good.
And it ties in beautifully with my guiding word…


This flows on from my 2019 word, embrace. After a year of expansion and embracing life with gratitude I’m feeling like I’m back on track and proud of where I am. I feel like I’ve reached a space of contentment and acceptance that I’d like to step fully into this year.
So in 2020 I’m working towards more…
acceptance of who I am.
acceptanceof where I am in my life.
acceptance of where I am in my business
acceptance of who I am becoming.
acceptance of myself without comparison or judgement.
acceptance of how I feel.
acceptance of my desires and goals.
acceptance of my achievements.
acceptance of who I am.
ACCETPANCE and INSPIRED ACTION will be my guiding light. This will be what I come back to when I’m feeling lost or stuck or off track. This is what feels deeply good to me for 2020.
How do you want this year to look and feel?
Do you have a theme and/or word that reflects this?
Share with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.
In health and happiness, Dee xxx

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