There are so many ways we can connect to nature without having to get in the car and drive somewhere or go bush!

Connecting to nature is a wonderful way to hit your reset button and come back to you. It can be incredibly healing, grounding and centring and it’s right there for you to access every single day.

Here’s 3 of my favouite ways to connect to nature daily…

1. Go outside. Look up at the sky. Feel the sun and/or the breeze on your skin. Feel the warmth or the coolness of the air. Connect to the elements of nature. If you can’t actually go outside you can do the same thing by looking out the window. Day or evening, either is perfect for this.

2. Listen to nature soundtracks – birds, rain, the ocean, whatever you fancy! Close your eyes and imagine you are in your favourite nature setting…sitting by the river, walking along the beach, enjoying the mountain air or laying on the grass in the park. Whatever it is for you. Feel your connectedness to nature.

3. Use aromatherapy. Precious essential oils come from nature and can reconnect us back to nature in just one smell! Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil in your diffuser or inhale softly from the bottle and imagine you are connected to Mother Earth and all her magic. I have some beautiful blends that might help you.

How do you connect to nature? And how does it make you feel?

Let me know if the comments below.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

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