Hi, I’m Dee

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved helping people and making a difference to their lives.⠀

That’s why I created maa organics.⠀

As a coach, aromatherapist and all round self care expert, I help busy, stressed women to prioritise themselves so they can be more productive and live their most radiant, successful and fulfilled life.

I run a wellbeing studio from my home in Canberra where I provide 1 on 1 coaching, workshops, massages, facials, aromatherapy body treatments as well as a range of organic 100% pure essential oils and aromatherapy face and body products.

I’m a qualified coach and aromatherapist with over 18 years experience in the wellbeing industry. I’ve studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Divine Living Coaching Academy and have run my own business for over 14 years.

Through this work and my own self-healing, I’ve gathered a wealth of information about wellbeing and lifestyle that has brought me to where I am today – and I’d love to share those things to help you bring about the deep and lasting changes you desire.

Over the years I suffered from skin problems (sensitivities, breakouts, eczema and flaky scalp), stress and anxiety  insomnia and exhaustion, and a mindset that had me feeling like I was never going to be good enough.

I began healing myself through aromatherapy, changing my diet and lifestyle, developing an abundance mindset and surrounding myself with positive uplifting people. My healing journey is ongoing and I continue to do all these things and more to improve my lifestyle so I can support my family, friends and clients in a greater capacity.

With all this knowledge and personal experience I work with women like you to determine the best lifestyle plan for you.

I completely personalise my coaching programs, tailor all my massage, face and body treatments and customise aromatherapy blends and products to your needs.

It would be my absolute pleasure to support you to improve your health and wellbeing, feel balanced, happy and ‘alive’ and guide you towards living the life of your dreams.

So take a look around and let me know how I can support you. I’m here to help.

Join my on Instagram or my Facebook Page, where I share wellbeing and lifestyle tips. And you can connect with me on regular Facebook Livestreams.

Or grab a herbal tea, fresh juice or whatever you desire and head over to my blog for some inspiration.

On a personal note…
I adore animals and have a slight (read: full blown) obsession for pussycats.
I love photography and although these days my iPhone is my go to camera, I also have a Fuji X-A5 and still love my Canon SLR.
Summer. Champagne. Massage. Shoes. Coffee + Raw treats. These are just a few of my favourite things.

For collaborations or if you have any questions about working with me, email me at info@maaorganics.com.au

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