WE MOVED AGAIN! How to deal with change

YES! We’ve moved...again! It was our 4th move in 4 and a half years, so the 5th home we’ve lived in during this time. In case you’re new around here or you don’t know, our first move, and by far the most emotional, in 2015 was from far North Queensland to Canberra and...

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2020 Let’s Do This

Welcome to a new year, a new decade, a new energy! Welcome to 2020! As we head into this new year I’ve been allowing time for some planning with no pressure. It’s been an uneasy beginning to 2020 with the devastation of the bushfires impacting so many people. I wish I...

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The Meaning of Summer + An Aromatherapy Blend

Summer is here! The season of self-love, self-expression and self-compassion. It’s a time to take action in alignment with your true beliefs. The light within you is ready to shine. The seeds of Spring have fully bloomed and you can see the fruits of your labour. It’s...

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3 Ways To Feel More Radiant

The meaning of radiance is brightness or light, warm cheerful brightness. I think of radiance as feeling vibrant and confident, as shining your unique light from within and glowing from the inside out. I’ve called my latest coaching program RADIANCE because, as I...

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Wellbeing Wisdom from Dr Libby Weaver

In October I attended a wellness event with Dr Libby Weaver. I’ve been following her wisdom for years now and have heard her speak in Canberra previously so when I heard she was coming back I bought my ticket without thinking twice. There were so many takeaways from...

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