The One Thing You Need For Effective Self Care

Self Care – I know! – It’s something I bang on about a LOT! But that’s because I truly believe it’s important for your wellbeing and health. Plus it will allow you to live the live you desire without the stress and exhaustion – well, it will at least keep it to an...

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The COAL Concept

I wanted to share with you a concept that my Doctor told me about last year. It’s called COAL and I think it’s a really helpful way to look at things. So, what is C O A L? Well, it’s an acronym that stands for Curiousity Openness Acceptance Love. And it’s a concept...

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My Guiding Word for 2018

Last year was certainly a challenging year. Full of highs and lows, challenges, successes and lots and lots of healing. HEALING was my word for 2017 and when I chose it I certainly didn’t think the year ahead would bring so much. As I reflect on all that...

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What If You Can?

What if you can make that change? What if you can do that thing? What if you can become that person? What would that mean for you? The truth is you can. It may take time. It may take persistence. You get to choose. You can make the decision. To do or not to do. To...

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Self Care and Grief

I'm not really sure where to start. I've written about aromatherapy for grief in the past but I wanted to talk about deep self care when you're in the midst of grief, about how important it is and how it's helped me. When I ran my first maa retreat a few weeks ago I...

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Create A Circle Of Support

On my recent getaway to Cradle Mountain with Andrew - hubby and Mr maa for those of you who don't him - I was struck by just how important it is to be surrounded by people who support and believe in you without question. I'm not sure how silly this is going to sound,...

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