2017 is for HEALING mind, body and soul

2017 is for HEALING mind, body and soul

Well hello there 2017. I’m excited to see what you have in store for me.

I had a lovely week off between Christmas and New Year. Since I’ve been back at work I’ve been setting my goals and intentions and doing some planning for 2017.

I’m setting the intention for HEALING.


At the beginning of each year I usually choose a guiding word, sometimes 2 or 3, to set the tone for the year ahead.

This year I had a few floating around in my mind – give, self-esteem, strength and confidence. I couldn’t quite settle on one.

Then it came to me, it was all down to HEALING.

Healing for myself. Helping those close to me heal. Guiding my clients to discover their own healing process.

Healing on all levels – mind, body and soul. Bringing each aspect back into alignment.

I’ve seen some friends go through major trauma and changes recently. I did what I could at the time even though it didn’t always feel like enough and I’d like to continue to help in 2017.

I know some of my clients are also going through major shifts. I’m supporting them, through my health and lifestyle coaching, to create a plan for 2017 that works for them.

And I’ve personally had 2 things occur in the last 12 months that have made me question so many things about myself – my value, my self worth, my place in the world. I’m taking steps to work through it – Kineseology and a very intuitive Acupuncturist is helping a lot. More talking is on the agenda. More self care. More mindset shifts. More focus on the positive. One amazing thing is that my move to Canberra – which on reflection was huge and overwhelming as well as exciting – has really shown me how wonderful and caring people are and maybe I deserve that.

If healing is something you can relate to. If it’s something tugging at your heart I want you to know…

Healing is a process.

Healing is different for everyone.

Healing takes time.

So 2017, along with healing I’m starting to think bigger and broader. I can feel exciting things in the air for my business and my life.

Do you have a guiding word for 2017? Head to the comments below and let me know.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

PS if you’d love to work with me to create YOUR 2017. YOUR WAY. Head over to my Facebook Page for details or email me at info@maaorganics.com.au

My Curious Hearts Retreat Experience

My Curious Hearts Retreat Experience

Well hello there…it’s been a while!

Blogging has taken a back seat as I’ve been working on my business, moving house (again!) and much more.

It’s been a big year, both on a personal and business level. Unsettling and upsetting and even painful in some ways but ultimately fun, exciting and expansive.

After attending, and speaking at, the absolutely beaufitul Curious Hearts Retreat by Becca Posterino last weekend I thought it was the perfect time to start sharing with you again.

Curious Hearts Retreat

Last Sunday was the first time I’ve ever attended a day retreat and it was amazing. To stop and just be was just what my soul needed. And to share it with 10 other lovely women was special. There was such a beautiful energy present.

The day began with yoga – I haven’t done much yoga since moving to Canberra and my body loved it!


Becca then led us through a seated meditation – WOW! What insights! The main message that came through was LOVE MORE, GIVE MORE and FORGIVE. The perfect message for me as 2016 draws to a close.

Next up we took what Becca had told us about meditation and moved into a walking meditation. How lovely…a walk in nature around Lake Burley Griffin. Being fully present the colours of nature came alive – the green of the trees and surrounding hills, the bright blue of the sky against the beautiful white wispy clouds. It was so refreshing.

After a scrumptious vegan lunch we took some time to journal. This isn’t something I do often and again some lovely insights came through. My vision for 2017 is slowly coming together and it’s all about ease and flow and acceptance.

Then, I got to speak a little about my passion, Aromatherapy. This was the first time I’ve spoken to a group of people, and while I know I have a lot to improve upon, I really enjoyed it. I created a Curious Hearts signature blend that I shared with everyone as well as a little bit about blending and what to look for when purchasing essential oils.

Aromatherapy Talk

We finished the day with a Yin yoga session which was just perfect.

I felt so rejuvenated and balanced. It was a huge reminder to take time out more regularly. I always say that consistency is key to creating the lifestyle you desire and this goes for STOPPING as well as DOING.

Have you been to a yoga retreat? Head to the comments below and tell me about your experience.

In health and happiness, Dee.

10 Life Lessons From The Shining Academy Biz Retreat

10 Life Lessons From The Shining Academy Biz Retreat

The weekend before last I attended Leonie Dawson’s Shining Academy Business Retreat here in Canberra.

It was 2 days of inspiration, positivity and soaking up the beautiful energies of over 100 women who attended.

As I was going over my notes from the weekend I realised that even though the focus was on business, everything also related to life. So with this in mind I thought I’d share my top Life Lessons from The Shining Academy Business Retreat.

You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with


  1. Doing more is not always better. Do more of what works or feels good for you and less of what isn’t working in all areas of your life.
  2. Be curious and open to opportunity. New discoveries of any kind can add joy and meaning to your life.
  3. Commit to YOU. Commit to your growth. Commit to your health and wellbeing. Commit to your self care. Do something every day that moves you towards the life you desire.
  4. Listen. What are the people around you saying? What is your internal dialogue like? How are these words affecting you? Are they useful, positive and supportive?
  5. It’s ok to say NO. It’s ok to say YES. It’s ok to do what’s best for you.
  6. Focus on what matters to YOU. Let go of what doesn’t matter to you.
  7. Connection is key. Build a community of like-minded friends who ‘get you’ and who you genuinely care about. Have a go-to healer/therapist/coach/mentor that’s right for you in specific situations. Get support when you need it.
  8. Give generously and genuinely from your heart. Giving is one of the most beautiful ways you can bring more joy to your life.
  9. You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Make sure they are special to you! Do you aspire to be like the people you spend time with? Do they inspire you? Uplift you? If so, yay! If not it may be time to gently let go of some people in your life or see a lot less of them.
  10. Have gratitude and show it whenever you can. What you focus on grows, so pay attention to all the good things in your life, big and small. Plus, saying thank you to someone can make a huge difference to their day.

There was so much more goodness shared and realised during the Retreat, both for maa organics and me!

I’d love to know your thoughts on my 10 Life Lesssons and as begin to integrate and implement what I learnt I’d also love to hear what you think I could incorporate into maa organics to better look after you.

Head to the comments below and let me know.

And don’t forget to join me on Facebook or Instagram!

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


Image from Leonie Dawson.

How To Create A Week You Love

How To Create A Week You Love

My Ideal Week

Creating my ideal week is something I love doing so I thought I’d share it with you.

The reason I love it is because it’s FUN! It gives you permission to think about what you really desire and how you want to feel at the end of each day. It allows you to dream big.

I’m not sure where I first came across this idea but I’ve kinda been doing a version of it for most of my life. I love being organised so I’ve always had lists, a diary, a plan for what I was doing each day.

But in recent times I’ve actually sat down and designed my ideal week. Really thought about how I wanted my week to be. Each day is a little different.

Designing your ideal day and week doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how tomorrow will be – it can be something you work towards. It can be close to how your days are now or completely different.

In fact, it can be exactly what you want it to be.

You can create a week you love.

Why design your ideal week?
  • To ensure the important things get done.
  • To see where your time goes and how you can maximise it.
  • To make sure you have time for self-care, fun and YOU time.
  • To discover your ‘non-negotiables’ and how you can consistently incorporate them into your life.
  • To bring your version of balance back into your life and improve your health and wellbeing.


Here’s some things to consider when designing your ideal week
  • What must get done? Work, meals, household chores and other commitments.
  • What are your ‘non-negotiables’? This will be different for all of us. It could be a morning routine that sets you up for the day ahead or a nighttime wind down ritual or anything that is important to you.
  • Have you made time for YOU? Self-care, hobbies, time out just for you.
  • How long do things actually take? Quite often we think something takes a lot less time than it actually does. Be realistic and adjust as needed.
  • What can you actually get done in a day? Don’t try to fit too much in. Leave space into between things to allow for the unexpected. Again, be realistic and adjust as needed.
  • Does it feel doable and sustainable? When you’re designing your ideal day pay close attention to how you feel. Is is joy and calm? Or are you feeling anxiety and overwhelm? This is the key to whether your ideal day is really what you desire.


How to create a week you love

This is how I create my ideal day and week.


  • I write a list of all the things I must get done in a week, my non-negotiables, self-care and time out for me.
  • Next to each of these I estimate how long they will take.



  • If you don’t have a weekly planner you can divide a piece of paper into 7 sections for each day of the week or use a spreadsheet or document.
  • This is where I design an overview of my ideal week.
  • I put all the must dos – work and personal – into the relevant days, then my non-negotiables, self care and time out. I spread things out throughout the week and make sure each day feels good.



  • This is where timing comes in.
  • I put each days activities, in detail, into my calendar.
  • I always leave some completely free time and allow time in between things.
  • I also allow ‘catch-up’ time. This is really important – it gives you that extra time just in case something comes up or takes longer than expected.



This step is probably THE most important.

  • Take a step back, maybe even come back to it the next day.
  • Look over your week and take notice of how it feels to you? Do you have a sense of ease and joy? Is this the kind of week you’re going to enjoy? If not what can you tweak to bring it closer to a week you’ll love?
  • You can review as often as you like. At the moment I’m reviewing mine each month after my business mastermind meeting where I set my goals for the month ahead.


I keep my weekly planner overview on my desk where I can see it every day. This reminds me of my goals, helps me stay motivated and keeps me out of overwhelm.

Have you created a week you love? Head to the comments below and let me know.

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In health and happiness, Dee xxx

2016::More, Less + LOVE

2016::More, Less + LOVE

Hello and, I know it’s more than half way through January but, Welcome to 2016!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post.

I kinda got busy and out of my routine at the end of 2015. So I made a decision to just go with the flow for the remainder of the year.

let go of what I thought I ‘should’ do and allowed myself some time to just to finish off 2015 in a calm, joyful way – for the most part! Time with some family and close friends was special. And as 2016 began I started planning for the year ahead.

New Years resolutions haven’t been my thing for many many years. However, I do find the beginning of the year is a great time to revise goals and set new ones, but this is something I do throughout the year as well.

In addition to setting some personal and business goals for 2016 I really thought about what I wanted more of, what I wanted less of and, of course, my guiding word for the year ahead. In the past I’ve chosen 3 words but this year it came down to just one, which you’ve probably guessed is LOVE.

2016::More, Less + Love

So I thought I’d share my MORE and LESS list with you. I’m sure I’ll be adding to it as the year progresses. For now it’s simple. A little softness for my soul. A gentle reminder to be me.


  • LOVE
  • gratitude
  • self-care
  • time with Andrew
  • going out
  • meeting people who are on my wavelength
  • cooking yummy food
  • listening
  • reading (biz and non biz books)
  • appreciating the beauty that surrounds me
  • moving my body and enjoying it
  • decisiveness
  • doing



  • focus on what could go wrong
  • doing things that don’t bring me joy
  • time with people who just don’t get me
  • worrying
  • indecisiveness
  • distractions
  • procrastination
  • complicating things


And that’s how I came to choose my Guiding Word for 2016


There are so many words I could have chosen this year. Right at the top of the list were consistency, persistence, visibility, expansion, confidence…and more. But it all comes back to LOVE.

Love for myself.

Love for family.

Love for my friends.

Love for my work.

Love for all things non work.

Love for all things that bring me joy.

LOVE is the foundation for all that I do and all that I desire to do.

LOVE is my theme, my guide, my teacher and my purpose for 2016.

How did you kick off the New Year?

Do you have a guiding word, a personal goal, a plan for your career this year?

I’d love to know. Head to the comments below and let me know.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

3 Supplements For Glowing Skin

3 Supplements For Glowing Skin

3 supplements for glowing skin

Today I thought I’d share with you the 3 supplements that I regularly take to keep my skin looking and feeling great.

For those of you who don’t know I spent years struggling with bad skin conditions for many reasons.

Over time I’ve found that taking certain supplements really made a difference in maintaining the health of my skin. 

3 Supplements For Glowing Skin

There others I take from time to time, but these are my 3 that I always come back to for looking and feeling great!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant. It is known for its anti-ageing effect, It helps increase elastin, tissue growth and collagen production. It aids healing.

I find my skin is clearer and feels much better when I’m taking it.

Plus it’s great for your immune system!

The body doesn’t make vitamin C so we need to include it in our diet. It can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables including oranges, lemons, limes, berries, pineapple, kiwi fruit, capsicum, broccoli, tomato and many more. As a supplement, the powdered form is excellent as it is more easily absorbed into the body.


Zinc is excellent for wound healing. It is an important mineral for the maintenance of healthy skin. It can help relieve skin disorders such as dermatitis and acne. It decreases the risk of skin infections and helps skin heal quickly.

I find my skin is consistently clearer when I am taking zinc and if I do get a minor breakout, eczema attack or dry itchy scalp it clears up quicker with zinc supplementation. 

Zinc is also needed for proper immune system function and maintaining vision, taste and smell.

Fresh oysters, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, rolled oats, ginger, raw cacao and almond, brazil and cashew nuts are all a source of zinc. As a supplement you can choose a liquid or tablet form. I’ve found both to be of benefit.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

I love my fish oils! – great for dry itchy irritated skin, dry and/or flaky scalp. It helps decrease inflammation, improve hydration and maintain healthy sebum production. 

I find my skin is much smoother, more hydrated and gets less irritated when I’m keeping up my Omega 3’s!

And don’t forget some of the other issues it addresses like high blood pressure, fluid retention, cardiovascular health and joint pain.

Some dietary sources include flaxseed oil, walnuts, oily fish (eg salmon, tuna), scallops, soybeans, tofu, broccoli, cabbage and kale.  Get that green smoothie happening!  As a supplement you can buy it as a liquid or in gel capsules.  The gel capsules are much easier to take!

I’d love to hear what supplements have helped your skin.  Pop down to the comments below and let me know.

In health and happiness, Dee

Please note:  This information is based on my personal experiences in my own life and with my clients along with my own research. It is not to be taken as an individual treatment plan or as a replacement for medical treatment. Please see your health care professional for advice relating to your specific concerns and conditions.


Each week on my Facebook page I post a #wednesdayword in the hope that I inspire, uplift or just bring a smile to someones face.

Last week I chose POSSIBILITY.



The Apple dictionary on my laptop tells me that possibility means:

  • a thing that may happen or be the case
  • the state or fact of being possible; likelihood
  • a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives
  • unspecified qualities of a promising nature; potential


Right now I’m flooded with possibilities, but often it’s difficult to see the opportunities that are available to us. Sometimes we don’t even realise we have more than one choice and the options seem limited or just not doable – I know, I’ve been there as recently as 6 months ago.

Choosing one possible alternative, even if it doesn’t feel perfect, especially if it doesn’t feel perfect, is often the only way forward.

CHOOSE the best option. LEAP and TRUST

At the end of April my love and I made the decision that, after 2 years of waiting, we would walk away from our home in Far North Queensland if it hadn’t sold by June.

It was far from perfect and YES!, it was scary when June came and we drove away, leaving an empty house that was still on the market.

But underneath the tears and the fear we knew without a doubt that a better life was waiting for us.

We CHOSE the best option. We LEAPT and we TRUSTED

And here we are nearly 4 months after arriving in Canberra and things are falling into place beautifully. It brings me to tears to think about the support I have around me here.*

I am home.

And I’m open to so many new opportunities. I feel like there are so many possibilities. So many options are available and more will open up for me as I grow and change and move into this next phase of my life and my business.

So now I’d love to know…

Do you see all the possibilities surrounding you? Pop to the comments below and let me know.

There are probably many more than you could imagine.

Ask someone what possibilities they see for you, you might be surprised what pops up.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

*You know who you are and I am forever grateful.

Letting Go, Change and a Farewell Letter

Letting Go, Change and a Farewell Letter

As I return to blogging and sending out regular newsletters (sign up below if you’d like to receive news and specials delivered to your inbox) I wanted to share a few words with you about the last few months along with a little farewell letter to Queensland.

Letting Go, Change and a Farewell Letter to Queensland

The last few months have been an emotional and somewhat strange time in my life.

Exciting, sad, happy, a little overwhelming at times! Not really working and not really being on holidays was a bit unsettling.

As my love and I drove from our home in Far North Queensland to Canberra there was a gradual letting go of the old as we invited in the new.

Not long after we arrived in Canberra our house in Queensland sold after 2.5 years on the market! Yes! That long!!!! We had a 7 week settlement period. Then it got delayed. Twice. It felt like one final thing to reinforce that we had made the right decision.

Everything about Queensland seemed heavy and weary. It was time to completely let go.

And so I wrote a little farewell letter…

Dear Queensland,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for our time together. During our 12 years I learnt a lot, I grew, I met some amazing people, there were many fun times. I changed – a lot!

But now, despite your warm, sunny disposition I am ready to let go of you for good, to breathe in the cool crisp fresh new air of beautiful Canberra, to embrace new opportunities, make new friends and begin an exciting new chapter.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Farewell Queensland.

With love, Dee xxx

Everything about our new life feels, well, just right.

There is a sense of ease, of support, of openness. I know this is often the case with new adventures – that sense of excitement as you settle into your new reality, your new normal. And, lets be real here, life will always have it’s ups and downs.

Even though I know in my heart this move is the best decision ever, over the last few months I’ve felt overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, frustration, worry, apprehension and fear. But I’ve also felt happiness, love, support, joy, butterflies in the tummy anticipation and absolute excitement.

And one thing I want to say is that it’s ok to feel all of those things. It’s ok to feel whatever you’re feeling. The important thing here is to acknowledge it.

How you’re feeling right now doesn’t define you. It’s a moment in time and it will pass.

Life is is a process of letting go of what you no longer need or desire to make room for the new, room for growth, room for discovery, while keeping what works best for you at that moment in time.

On that note I’ll leave you with a quote I’m loving at the moment…

“your life does not get better by chance.

It gets better by change”

– Jim Rohn

I’d love to hear your thoughts on letting go and change. Pop down to the comments below and let me know.

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In health and happiness, Dee xxx

Gratitude for July and Canberra Love

Gratitude for July and Canberra Love

Well hello there,

Soooo much has happened since I last wrote.

My love and I finished our journey to Canberra.

We are now in our new home.

I’ve almost finished setting up the new maa wellbeing studio.

We’re loving the Canberra life.


So, firstly some much much deserved gratitude for the astounding month of July

via a little video of images from the Gold Coast all the way to Canberra.

I hope you enjoy it!

Canberra Love

Well here I am, finally in Canberra. Thank you to all of you who’ve listened to me continuously going on about how ‘I’m moving to Canberra soon’, for the last two and half years! Yep, it’s been that damn long!  I’m a true believer in things happening at just the right time and things seem to be working out wonderfully, so who am I to argue with the long time frame.

I’m coping unbelievable well with the cold.

I’m living just 10 minutes from the city and 5 minutes from the local shopping centre and restaurants.

I’m creating new rituals that are making life fun.

I’m saying YES to things, meeting new people and experiencing new things.

So, in a nutshell I’m loving it here so far.

Now, I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for. Head to the comments below and let me know.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

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