3 Supplements For Glowing Skin

3 Supplements For Glowing Skin

3 supplements for glowing skin

Today I thought I’d share with you the 3 supplements that I regularly take to keep my skin looking and feeling great.

For those of you who don’t know I spent years struggling with bad skin conditions for many reasons.

Over time I’ve found that taking certain supplements really made a difference in maintaining the health of my skin. 

3 Supplements For Glowing Skin

There others I take from time to time, but these are my 3 that I always come back to for looking and feeling great!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant. It is known for its anti-ageing effect, It helps increase elastin, tissue growth and collagen production. It aids healing.

I find my skin is clearer and feels much better when I’m taking it.

Plus it’s great for your immune system!

The body doesn’t make vitamin C so we need to include it in our diet. It can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables including oranges, lemons, limes, berries, pineapple, kiwi fruit, capsicum, broccoli, tomato and many more. As a supplement, the powdered form is excellent as it is more easily absorbed into the body.


Zinc is excellent for wound healing. It is an important mineral for the maintenance of healthy skin. It can help relieve skin disorders such as dermatitis and acne. It decreases the risk of skin infections and helps skin heal quickly.

I find my skin is consistently clearer when I am taking zinc and if I do get a minor breakout, eczema attack or dry itchy scalp it clears up quicker with zinc supplementation. 

Zinc is also needed for proper immune system function and maintaining vision, taste and smell.

Fresh oysters, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, rolled oats, ginger, raw cacao and almond, brazil and cashew nuts are all a source of zinc. As a supplement you can choose a liquid or tablet form. I’ve found both to be of benefit.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

I love my fish oils! – great for dry itchy irritated skin, dry and/or flaky scalp. It helps decrease inflammation, improve hydration and maintain healthy sebum production. 

I find my skin is much smoother, more hydrated and gets less irritated when I’m keeping up my Omega 3’s!

And don’t forget some of the other issues it addresses like high blood pressure, fluid retention, cardiovascular health and joint pain.

Some dietary sources include flaxseed oil, walnuts, oily fish (eg salmon, tuna), scallops, soybeans, tofu, broccoli, cabbage and kale.  Get that green smoothie happening!  As a supplement you can buy it as a liquid or in gel capsules.  The gel capsules are much easier to take!

I’d love to hear what supplements have helped your skin.  Pop down to the comments below and let me know.

In health and happiness, Dee

Please note:  This information is based on my personal experiences in my own life and with my clients along with my own research. It is not to be taken as an individual treatment plan or as a replacement for medical treatment. Please see your health care professional for advice relating to your specific concerns and conditions.
4 Natural Beauty Tips You Can Use Now

4 Natural Beauty Tips You Can Use Now

Today I want to share with you 4 natural beauty tips you can add to your life right now!

These are part of my wellbeing and in addition to using organic skincare.

4 Natural Beauty Tips

So here they are…

My 4 Natural Beauty Tips…

1. Stay hydrated

I don’t know about you but I feel much better when I keep hydrated. I have more energy. It helps flush out toxins in the body and keeps skin feeling clean and looking clear and smooth.

how?  keep a bottle of water with you at all times, find a herbal tea you love or get super-hydrated with coconut water.

2. Eat nourishing foods

Our bodies love us when we feed them well! Eating a healthy diet gives us energy and clear vibrant skin. What we put into our bodies not only shows on the outside but we feel great on the inside too.

how? experiment and find out what foods make you feel good. I suggest eating as much fresh, natural and unprocessed food as you can! Try juicing, green smoothies, organic, raw sugar free snacks…the list is limitless.  Listen to your body – it knows!

3. Exercise regularly

Move your body. Energy makes energy, so get up and do something. Your skin also benefits greatly from exercise. Sweating out toxins and impurities will give your skin a healthy glow.

how? Do something you enjoy. Do it often. Be gentle and kind to your body.

4. De-stress daily

Take some time each day to let go of any stress, relax and rest your mind, body and soul. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

how?  Practise self-care. Do something for YOU each and every day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Use essential oils, sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes, do a meditation, enjoy a cup of herbal tea, breathe deeply, Find something you love and stop to embrace it.

These are the four things that have made a difference to my skin and to the way I feel in general.

I don’t always do them all every day and that’s ok!  It’s a continual process of tweaking my self-care and doing what feels right.

If you are doing some or all of these things use this as a reminder to keep it up or make any changes you need to.

If you’re not doing these why not try adding one or more of them and see how much better you feel.

I’d love to know which one is your favourite or perhaps you have one of your own to share.  Pop down to the comments below and let me know.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

10 Reasons I Love Rosehip Oil

10 Reasons I Love Rosehip Oil

If you’ve been here a while then you know I love aromatherapy and natural skincare.

The desire to heal my own skin was the reason I first got interested in aromatherapy…that’s where it all began!

So today I wanted to share one of my absolute ‘can’t live without’ carrier oils.

Introducing R O S E H I P

rosehip oil

and here’s just 10 reasons I love rosehip oil

  1. It has a light texture and feel that makes the perfect carrier oil for adding 100% pure essentials oils.
  2. It’s chemical free – straight from nature! Even better if you use Certified Organic.
  3. It’s easily absorbed into your skin. You’re not left with that ‘too oily’ feeling.
  4. It has protective qualities, helping to prevent dryness and dehydration.
  5. It’s regenerating and restorative – greatly improving skin texture over time.
  6. It has anti-ageing properties – who doesn’t love that?  It has been found to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  7. It’s high in vitamin C and essential fatty acids.   Perfect food for your skin!
  8. It’s very very healing.  Great for burns and scarring.
  9. It’s super hydrating.  Great for any skin type, particularly dry and mature skin.
  10. It’s soooo soothing.  Good for treating dry, flaky or itchy irritated skin.

And besides that it smells divine, feels decadent on your skin and is fantastic for both face and body.

What’s your ‘can’t live without’ natural beauty product?  Pop down to the comments below and let me know.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Body Oil + 3 Recipes

How To Make Your Own Aromatherapy Body Oil + 3 Recipes

aromatherapy body oil

I absolutely love making aromatherapy body oils for my clients and friends as well as for myself.

What could be better than a healing body oil infused with your favourite pure essential oils?

A perfect addition to your self-care routine.

You can make up an oil for the week or month or blend up something different each day. It’s simple and quick to do.

Here’s what you’ll need for a 10ml body blend*:
  • 1 very small mixing bowl.
  • 10mls carrier oil. Organic is best. I love Camellia, Rosehip or Sesame. You could also use jojoba, almond or coconut.
  • 5 drops of your favourite 100% pure essential oils. You can use just one essential oil or a combination.


How to make your body blend:
  • Measure 5 drops of essential oils into your mixing bowl.
  • Slowly pour carrier oil into bowl.
  • Mix gently.


How to use your body oil:
  •  Take a small amount of oil at a time and apply to each area of your body, beginning at your feet and working your way up.  Massage into your skin in an upward motion, towards your heart. Take extra time on any extra dry or rough areas of skin.
  • Inhale the beautiful aroma as you go. Take your time with this ritual and enjoy the process.


*for a 100ml blend multiply everything by 10. I often do this, especially for travelling.

I’m always coming up with different combinations I love. Remember to go with what you’re attracted to at the time. Your nose knows!

Here’s 3 of my current favourite body oil blends:

Cleansing and Energising

3 drops Grapefruit + 1 drop Cypress + 1 drop Basil.

Calming and Centring

2 drops Rose + 2 drops of Frankincense + 1 drop Sandalwood.


3 drops Bergamot + 1 drop Lavender + 1 drop Geranium.

or any of my 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends available here. I absolutely LOVE Goddess and Soul.

Do you have a favourite body blend? Head to the comments below and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

And you can find other ways to use aromatherapy in your daily life here.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

How To Have Fabulous Feet

How To Have Fabulous Feet

pedicureToday it’s all about fabulous feet!

They carry us around on a daily basis and yet we so often neglect them.

Do your feet need a little pampering? And perhaps a bit of colour to brighten them up?

Well today I’ve got a complete step-by-step guide for a do-it-yourself pedicure…

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bowl big enough to soak your tootsies in.
  • A few drops of essential oil, I suggest peppermint for cooling and refreshing or lavender for relaxing.
  • An organic foot scrub and/or foot file. I use my Tranquillity organic sugar scrub.
  • Some nail clippers, nail file, cuticle pusher and nail buffer. You may also like to use a cuticle removing product.
  • An organic body lotion. I use my Tranquillity Body Lotion.
  • Nail polish remover, cotton wool pads.
  • Nail polish – base coat, colour, top coat, and a quick dry product is also a handy thing to use.


What to do:

  • Fill your bowl with warm – hot water and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil.
  • Pop those feet in, sit back, close your eyes and relax for 10 mins. This is a great time to do a mini-meditation!
  • Next, give yourself a foot scrub, paying attention to heels and any areas of rough or hard skin. Rinse off in the water. Dry your feet thoroughly.
  • If you need to you can now use your foot file in a circular motion to remove any rough patches on heels and other areas.
  • Trim and file your nails. Make sure you file in one direction only.  Filing in a back and  forth motion will weaken your nails.
  • Push your cuticles back, if you haven’t done this in a while you may need to use a cuticle treatment or remover.  Now, lightly buff nails.  Wipe feet thoroughly to make sure they are clean and dry.
  • Apply some body lotion to your feet and take your time massaging it in – why not get someone to do this for you!!! There’s nothing like a foot massage to relax and soothe your soles and your soul!


Now for some colour…

  • Thoroughly clean your nails with polish remover. Don’t skip this step!  It’s super important to have a clean nail to apply your polish to.
  • Apply one coat of base coat, then 1 – 2  coats of colour  and finish with 1 coat of top coat.
  • Allow to dry completely,   It’s a great idea to use a quick dry product if you have one – it helps to dry the polish quickly and you’re less likely to smudge your nails.


YAY!!  beautiful relaxed feet and lovely looking toes!

I LOVE Zoya products, they’re salon quality and free from toxic ingredients like toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and camphor. They make an Anchor base coat, Armour Top Coat, Hurry Up drops to assist in quick drying through all layers of polish, a great remover and they have a huge range of colours.  I make a beautiful scrub and body lotion that are great for pedicures.  All the other bits and pieces should be available from your local chemist or beauty salon.

What do you most love about pedicures?  And what’s your favourite nail colour this season?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and any questions you have in the comments below.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

Soul Salt Scrub

Soul Salt Scrub

soul salt scrub ingredients

At this busy time of year it’s so important to look after yourself and what better way than to make your very own home made Soul Salt Scrub.

Soul Salt Scrub



What to do:

  • Combine carrier oil and Soul 100% pure essential oil blend, stir gently.
  • Add himalayan salt and stir to combine.


How to use:

For smooth, moisturised skin:

  • Using small amounts at a time apply to damp skin in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate the skin.
  • Work your way from the feet up, applying to your entire body. I don’t recommend using on your face as the salt can be too harsh.
  • Rinse off under the shower.
  • Pat skin gently with a towel to dry.
 (note: be a little careful in the shower as sometimes the oil can make it a bit slippery)
How great does your skin feel?

The salt exfoliates dead skin cells and the oil soothes and moisturises your skin.

Plus the essential oils harmonise, refresh and centre your whole being.

You can get your Soul Blend here or use whatever oils you’re drawn to.

Have you made a salt scrub before? Try this one and let me know how you go in the comments below.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

11 Benefits of Facials

11 Benefits of Facials

There are so many benefits of facials, especially regular professional facials that use natural organic ingredients and products.

Firstly lets find out what a facial is and what to expect when you have one.

11 Benefits Of Facials

image from here

What is a facial?

A facial is a specific treatment for your face, neck and décolletage area and often includes a hand and/or foot massage and scalp massage and/or hair treatment.

Most professional facials are available as 30 minute and 60 minute treatments (often other options are available too) and will be tailored to your skin type and your current skin conditions and concerns.  Keep in mind that your skin changes so it should be assessed each time you have a facial.

What happens?

When you arrive for your first treatment, you will be asked to fill in a consultation form that will help your therapist determine what the best options are for you.  Your therapist will talk to you about this before beginning the treatment.  They will keep a record of your treatment and when you return they will update any changes to your details as required and continue to keep a record of each treatment including your current skin condition, products used in your treatment and any home treatments, products and lifestyle advice recommended to optimise your skin and keep it healthy.  As I mentioned, your skin changes and as it does it may require different products and treatments.  Your therapist will be able to advise you as to what is best for your current skin condition.

Now, back to all those wonderful benefits you will experience from your facial treatment.

Here’s my top 11 benefits you’ll get from having regular facials

  1. Deep cleansing and detoxing: the release and removal of toxins will greatly benefit the condition of your skin.
  2. Increased hydration: smoother, healthier looking skin.
  3. Nourishing: using organic products will feed the skin with rich nourishing natural ingredients.  Your skin will gain a healthy glow.
  4. Rejuvenating: skin will look and feel better.  Tired dull skin will look radiant.
  5. Anti-ageing: collagen production and cell regeneration is increased.
  6. Soothing: – reduction of irritations and inflammation.
  7. Clears acne and spots: skin becomes clearer and heals faster.
  8. Increased circulation: means more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin, better and quicker healing, less blotchiness, reduced dark circles around the eye area and a younger, healthier glow.
  9. Reduces congestion: puffiness and congestion.  Will also assist with sinus congestion.
  10. A natural lift: releases tension, relaxes muscles, giving a natural lift to your skin.
  11. Deep relaxation: a facial treatment is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself.  It helps create an overall sense of calm. This means less stress which leads to better skin and better all round health.

Combine regular facials with a healthy diet, regular exercise and daily relaxation and in no time you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic!

Pop down to the comments below and let me know what keeps your skin radiant and glowing.  I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to learn more you can find out how to determine your skin type here.  If you’d like to know more about each skin type you can find more in my posts on dry skin, normal skin, oily skin and combination skin.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about my organic skincare range click here or email me at info@maaorganics.com.au.  And remember to consult your own therapist for individual concerns.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

How to make your own Aromatherapy Hair Treatment

How to make your own Aromatherapy Hair Treatment

This is one of my most favourite things to do.

What could be more relaxing than a deliciously aromatic warm oil massaged into your scalp and combed through your hair?  And it’s perfect excuse to relax while the oils do their work.

Let’s begin with what you need:
  • 10mls Sesame Oil or Raw Coconut Oil.
  • 5 drops 100% Pure Essential Oils.  See blends below.
  • 1 small heat proof mixing bowl for oils.
  • 1 slightly bigger heat proof bowl to place the small mixing bowl in for warming.
  • Hot, just off the boil water.
  • Wide tooth comb.
  • Glad wrap (optional).
  • Towel to wrap hair.
  • Relaxing music and a cup of herbal tea or your preferred refreshment!


How to make your hair treatment oil:
  • Pour Sesame or Coconut oil into the small bowl.
  • Add pure essential oils and stir gently.
  • Pour water into bigger bowl.
  • Place bowl of oils into the bigger bowl to warm.


aromatherapy hair treatment

How to apply your hair treatment oil:
  • When the oils have warmed dip your fingertips into the oils and massage into your entire scalp and through your hair, inhaling as you go!
  • Comb through so the oil reaches the ends of your hair.
  • Wrap your hair in glad wrap (optional) and a towel.


Leave for 15 – 30 minutes while you relax with a cup of herbal tea, some soothing music or even a meditation.

You can also leave in overnight for a truly deep conditioning treatment.

To finish the treatment shampoo your hair.  You may need to shampoo twice to remove all the oil, towel dry, comb and style as normal.


– a perfect regular treatment to maintain strong, healthy, shiny hair –


My favourite essential oil hair blends:

Calm and Soothe Blend for itchy or flaky scalp: 2 drops Patchouli + 2 drops German chamomile + 1 drop lavender.

Hydrate Blend for dry hair: 3 drops ylang ylang + 2 drops sandalwood

Stimulate Blend for strength and growth: 3 drops rosemary + 1 drop peppermint + 1 drop cedarwood.

Which hair blend appeals to you?  Try it out and let me know how your hair and scalp feels.

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx


9 Lifestyle Tips For Gorgeous Glowing Skin

9 Lifestyle Tips For Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Hi beautiful!

I’m back again to tell you a bit more about how you can improve and maintain your skin and glow from the inside out!

beauty is radiated from within

As I mentioned in my earlier articles on each skin type (here, here, here and here), diet and lifestyle is major consideration for great glowing skin.  It’s not just what you put on your skin but how you feed your mind, body and soul.  And that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today.

Here are my 9 top lifestyle tips for gorgeous glowing skin:

1. REST:  get what YOU need!  Sleep and rest are so important when it comes to great skin.  I know if I’m feeling tired and run down it shows on my skin.  As soon as I get some rest my skin looks and feels so much better!

Find out what works best for you in terms of the time you go to bed and the time you get up and make sure you get enough sleep!   Also try to take some time during the day to stop and just be.  And on your days off make sure you rest too, get that extra sleep you need or have a morning (or day!) lazing around the house. Rest is good not only good for you skin, it’s good for your soul.

2. MORNING RITUAL:  Lemon juice and warm water in the morning is the first thing that goes into my body EVERY day.  This easy to do ritual not only helps to keep your skin clear, it  also assists with balancing pH (acidity in the body), boosting your immune system, releasing toxins and keeping you hydrated.

3. DIET:  Feed your body nutrient rich foods.  Listen to your body.  Everyone is different so find out what works for you and stick to it.  For me it’s no sugar, very very little dairy.  Lots of fruits and vegetables especially greens.  Nuts and seeds.  Berries when they’re in season.  Basically I try to eat the least amount of processed food possible.

4. HYDRATION:  Drink up!  My recommendation is at least 2 litres of water a day.  Drink the best quality you can.  I also love coconut water as it has all the electrolytes the body needs for hydration and is great to use as a base in smoothies.  Herbal teas are also good warm or chilled!

5. RELAXATION:  This is so so so so so so (you get the picture!) important.  When you’re relaxed it shows on your skin. You must de-stress, take time out, slow down and let go.  Experiment and find out what relaxes you and prioritise it.  Some excellent relaxation techniques for you to try include…

  • take a moment during the day to be mindful of your breath: stop and breathe deeply and completely.
  • laugh out loud.
  • use essential oils to calm and balance your emotions.
  • meditate.
  • regular massage or facials or both!

6. EXERCISE:  move your body daily if you can.  Find something you enjoy and do that.  Mix it up if you need to.  Exercise gets the circulation going which is great for your skin.  You can do anything from walking to running to yoga or going to the gym.  I’ve got to admit at the moment I’m not consistent with my exercise and am working on ways to fit more in.  Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t exercise every day, do what you can, when you can and enjoy it.

7. DO SOMETHING FOR YOU EVERYDAY:  Something you love.  Embrace it.  Allow yourself to enjoy it. It can be as simple as lighting a candle, listening to music, calling a friend, grabbing that book you’ve been meaning to read or cooking up a storm.

8. SUPPLEMENTS:  My top 3 must have supplements for healthy skin are Vitamin C, Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids.  I’m going to talk about these in a separate post along with my favourite superfoods.  But needless to say they all provide support and healing for healthy skin.  Make sure you buy good quality supplements.  Ask for help at your local health food store.

9. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SKIN CARE FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE:  I can’t stress enough the need to choose skin care that is suited to your skin type.  Click here to find out what skin type you are.   If you’re not sure consult your therapist.

Start by choosing a cleanser, toner and moisturiser to suit your skin type.  This is your basic skincare kit.  An exfoliant and mask to support your skin is also essential for gorgeous glowing skin.  And then you may like to give your skin an extra boost with nourishing facial oils.

Go for organic when you can and get the absolute best you can afford.  Don’t forget, in addition to my standard retail range I can customise any product just for you.  Don’t hesitate to contact me at info@maaorganics.com.au for more information.

Once you’ve worked out your skin type and skin care products, consistency is the key.  Incorporate a daily and weekly skin care routine into your life.  I’ll be sharing my skin care rituals very soon so you can see how easy it is to look after you skin at home.

I hope these lifestyle tips help you.  Let me know what you think in the comments below or over on Facebook.  What’s you favourite lifestyle tip for gorgeous glowing skin?

In Health and Happiness, Dee xxx

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