WE MOVED AGAIN! How to deal with change

WE MOVED AGAIN! How to deal with change

YES! We’ve moved…again!
It was our 4th move in 4 and a half years, so the 5th home we’ve lived in during this time.
In case you’re new around here or you don’t know, our first move, and by far the most emotional, in 2015 was from far North Queensland to Canberra and we’ve now lived in 4 houses in Canberra. Whoa! That seems way too much to me! Each move is a major disruption to our lives – both personally and for our business. Even when it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a big distraction, it is!
Guys, there’s a reason why moving house is considered to be one of the top 10 life stressors. One article on Thrive Global lists it as number 7, but it’s often in the top 5 along with the death of a loved one, divorce, marriage and starting a new job.
Even when the move is a positive and exciting event, there is still stress associated with it. And often we have more than one of these happening at the same time eg. getting married or divorced and moving house.
Moving, or any other big change, just takes time. Time to research and make it happen, time for it to actually happen and time to adjust to the change, to settle in to your new normal.
It’s really important when BIG things are happening in our lives to have things in place to support ourselves. So today I wanted to share 4 things that have helped me during our various moves…


Make a To Do list and from this create an action plan. Then set aside time in your calendar to do what is needed. I always allow a little longer than what I think it will take, and leave some extra time for when things that I haven’t thought of pop up.


Small action steps are key to overcoming overwhelm. Try not to think about every damn thing you’ve got to do and ask yourself what’s the next thing I can do now? Do that. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Take time to slow down each day. Even a 3-5minute meditation in the morning and evening can help you cope better. Get enough sleep, eat as well as you can, get outside and breathe deeply and fully, ask for help. And don’t be hard on yourself. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to do it all and cope with it all yourself.


Write down everything that you are grateful for. Visualise it, breathe it in and really feel it through your whole body. Stop now, close your eyes and really feel it. Know that you are strong and resilient. You have made it through all the challenges life has thrown at you and there’s no reason you won’t make it though this!
All of these things help greatly but even so the reality is, when the dust settles, tiredness – mental, physical and emotional – may arise. The excitement has died down, the stress has subsided – now it is just as important to implement the above strategies. This will help you settle into your new normal.
What do you do to help navigate big changes? Let me know if the comments below.
In health and happiness, Dee xxx
2020 Let’s Do This

2020 Let’s Do This

Welcome to a new year, a new decade, a new energy!
Welcome to 2020!
As we head into this new year I’ve been allowing time for some planning with no pressure.
It’s been an uneasy beginning to 2020 with the devastation of the bushfires impacting so many people. I wish I could do more to help the people and the animals affected. However, it’s a reminder no matter how small our contributions seem we are able to help. Every little bit adds up. It’s also a reminder to look after ourselves so we are able help others to the best of our ability.
In spite of what’s going on around me and knowing full well how lucky I am, I have so much hope, anticipation and optimism for the year ahead. So much energy and motivation to create a bigger impact, to make a difference to more peoples lives.
With this in mind I have chosen a theme and a guiding word for 2020 that allows me to feel calm, bringing peace and joy to my mind, body and soul.
My overall theme is

I N S P I R E D  A C T I O N

I couldn’t really find the right words for this but INSPIRED ACTION sums it up! To me this feels like positivity and joy. It feels like vibrance and energy and doing things in a way that works for me and attracts the right people and opportunities into my world. It feels exciting, enlivening, elevating. In a nutshell it just feels really good.
And it ties in beautifully with my guiding word…


This flows on from my 2019 word, embrace. After a year of expansion and embracing life with gratitude I’m feeling like I’m back on track and proud of where I am. I feel like I’ve reached a space of contentment and acceptance that I’d like to step fully into this year.
So in 2020 I’m working towards more…
acceptance of who I am.
acceptanceof where I am in my life.
acceptance of where I am in my business
acceptance of who I am becoming.
acceptance of myself without comparison or judgement.
acceptance of how I feel.
acceptance of my desires and goals.
acceptance of my achievements.
acceptance of who I am.
ACCETPANCE and INSPIRED ACTION will be my guiding light. This will be what I come back to when I’m feeling lost or stuck or off track. This is what feels deeply good to me for 2020.
How do you want this year to look and feel?
Do you have a theme and/or word that reflects this?
Share with me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.
In health and happiness, Dee xxx
The Meaning of Summer + An Aromatherapy Blend

The Meaning of Summer + An Aromatherapy Blend

Summer is here! The season of self-love, self-expression and self-compassion.
It’s a time to take action in alignment with your true beliefs. The light within you is ready to shine.
The seeds of Spring have fully bloomed and you can see the fruits of your labour. It’s time to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements.
As you integrate the past, present + future, you can rejoice in the present moment and allow yourself the pleasure of the abundance and beauty you have created both within yourself and around you.
Relish in the ease and fullness of life in a calm relaxed way, no push or rush.
Abundance abounds.
Embrace beauty in all forms.
Summer is a time to lean in to that feeling of connection – to yourself, to others and to nature. Lean in to the warmth, celebrate the elements of nature as you celebrate you. You are whole. You have everything you need.
Summer symbolises all of this and more.

I’ve chosen 3 beautiful essential oils to create a Summer Serenity blend to celebrate the season.

This blend of lime, rose and spearmint will help you feel cool, calm and serene.

(Citrus aurantifolia)
Lime is the star oil of the blend. It is inspiring, creative, vibrant and fun! The perfect oil to revitalise your mind, body and soul, enhance your appetite for life and celebrate your innterconnedness with nature.
(Rosa Damascena miller)
Rose is the heart of the blend. It is refreshing to the soul, bringing joy, love, compassion and harmony. A wonderful oil for healing, soothing emotions and celebrating femininity and connection.
(Mentha spicata)
Spearmint brings a hint of cool summer breezes to the blend. It is refreshing and revitalising. It brings clarity, calm and helps you be in the moment. It strengthens confidence and enhances compassion and self-empowerment.
I’m using this for my seasonal signature treatment and my clients are loving it!
What’s your favourite essential oil to use in Summer? Let me know in the comments below.
In health and happiness, Dee xxx
3 Ways To Feel More Radiant

3 Ways To Feel More Radiant

The meaning of radiance is brightness or light, warm cheerful brightness. I think of radiance as feeling vibrant and confident, as shining your unique light from within and glowing from the inside out.
I’ve called my latest coaching program RADIANCE because, as I guide you to reconnect to you, reclaim your purpose and embrace a life you love, this is how I hope you will feel.
If you’re feeling stuck right now I want you to know that it’s temporary. You won’t always feel this way. I believe you have everything it takes to create calm, clarity and contentment in your life.

And I believe that when you prioritise time for you and practise deep self care you will be able to tap into it fully.

Radiance happens when you…

  • nourish your mind, body and soul so you feel a sense of joy and ease.
  • adopt new ways of thinking and being that support you.
  • find connection and belonging in deeper relationships with yourself and others.
  • nurture yourself to create calm and confidence in your everyday life.
  • tune into your purpose and start living in alignment with your true desires.
  • live your daily life in a way that helps you feel vibrant, energised and alive.

Today I’m going to share 3 ways to feel more radiant and start embracing the life you’re craving.

1. Change your Mindset. This is the foundation for everything you desire. Awareness is key to change. When you change the way you think about things and the way you approach them you can change your life.

Do you have a ‘problem’ or ‘solution’ mindset, a ‘have to’ or ‘get to’ mindset? Do you focus on what is missing or what is here now?

Start becoming aware of where your thoughts go, especially in challenging situations, and if those thoughts aren’t helpful find ones that are. For example if you’re focusing on the problem try looking for possible solutions instead. When you’re making a decision think about what you ‘get’ to do rather than what you ‘have’ to do, remember it’s your choice! And above all focus on what you have and visualise your desires coming in to existence rather than dwelling on what’s missing.

2. Meditate daily. Even just 5 minutes a day can help. You’ll begin to feel calmer, your mind will feel less cluttered and you’ll feel less stressed and more content. Meditation has a cumulative effect. The more consistent you are the greater the effect. There is a lovely app called Relax & Rest that has 3 simple guided meditations – a great place to begin.

3. Make a My Top Three Things List every day to reduce overwhelm and get more done. Each morning (or the night before, as I do) list the 3 top things that you want to get done that day. You’ll be less likely to get distracted by other things and if you get through those three things you can move on to something else, or better still have a rest!

These three things are a great place to start if you want to start changing your life, achieving your goals and feeling radiant and vibrant.
Remember, everyone is different, so find what works for you and do that! And keep doing it until it no longer feels right, then find something new that works for you. You don’t have to keep doing the same thing forever. Do what works now.
I hope this helps you. Head to the comments below and let me know one thing that makes you feel radiant.
And please share this with anyone who might need it.
In health and happiness, Dee xxx
Wellbeing Wisdom from Dr Libby Weaver

Wellbeing Wisdom from Dr Libby Weaver

In October I attended a wellness event with Dr Libby Weaver. I’ve been following her wisdom for years now and have heard her speak in Canberra previously so when I heard she was coming back I bought my ticket without thinking twice.

There were so many takeaways from the evening but I wanted to share two of them with you today.

The first one is…


I think this is so true! The words themselves allow me to relax, my whole body breathes a sigh of relief.

When you’re feeling stressed it could be showing you what you’re afraid of.

Stop, take a breath and ask – is what I’m stressed about showing me what I’m frightened of?

It could be anything from fear of judgement to not being good enough or being seen in a way that you don’t want to be seen. With this truth comes relaxation. The harshness of stress softens as you acknowledge the fear and if you can articulate it then you’ll probably find that those around you understand and offer support.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought. Try it next time you’re feeling stressed.

The second one is…


Working out what stress is about for you is so important. What causes you stress is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and to grow, change and transform from this place. It is an opportunity to love something about yourself. Your beliefs drive your actions. When you transform your beliefs you change your life. You love and accept yourself and can look after yourself fully.

Trust is about letting go and allowing things to flow. It’s about taking action without attachment to the outcome. It’s about not being rigid about the way things will happen, allowing room for change and new opportunities if they arise. Room for MAGIC. When we trust, there is little room for stress.

Your thoughts about yourself or a situation create a response in your body. Even if you’re not in that situation your brain doesn’t know the difference. The body responds to the information you give it. When you’re stressed this has a long term negative effect on your body. When you change your thoughts and switch from a state of stress to trust the body is able to stay in balance far more easily.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom – Viktor Frankl

The big takeaway is that mindset matters. We have choices. We have the power to change our perspective – to transform any negative beliefs we have about ourselves. To think in a way that supports us so we can thrive in our everyday life.

Dr Libby went into so much more detail but I’ve tried to keep it simple and short. I can’t wait to read her latest book, The Invisible Load – A Guide To Overcoming Stress And Overwhelm.

I’d love to hear what your stress is telling you. Let me know in the comments below.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

The Meaning of Spring + 3 Essential Oils to Harness It.

The Meaning of Spring + 3 Essential Oils to Harness It.

Spring brings with it not only warmer days but also a sense of hope and positivity. It’s a season that celebrates new beginnings. It invites us to see the beauty of new life around us. It inspires us to try new things with new energy and connect to ourselves with joy.
After the inner stillness, reflection and restoration of Winter you can reconnect, open up and integrate your ideas. Out of the calm and clarity that has occurred throughout Winter you can begin to bring your vision and new ideas to life. You are preparing to bloom.
Spring is the the season of new life in nature and this can be reflected within yourself. You can tune into your feelings, your cravings for change and growth and see the beauty in your emerging ideas. As nature blooms, so can you.
As you welcome fresh new energy into your life, give yourself time to tune into your intuition. This is a time to embrace the new and allow yourself to try new things. It’s a time to step outside your comfort zone and celebrate your true spirit. It’s a time to set intentions that align with the change and growth you desire.
If you’re still feeling the inner quiet of Winter, you can step into the season at a slower pace, integrating the awakening elements of Spring in your own time.
As you begin to expand and acknowledge the beauty in and around you, you will be able to connect to your inner light and beauty.
Energy, inspiration and a willingness to embrace new things comes with the season of Spring and your spirit feels the joy and connection to nature.
You are ready to bloom from the inside out.

To support you thoughout Spring I have three essential oils to share with you…

(Citrus limonum)
When I think of LEMON essential oil I think sunshine in a bottle! It is refreshing, uplifting, and nurturing. It is great for Spring because it helps bring your energy into the now. An oil for happiness and fun, it is uplifting and energising for mind, body and soul. Lemon is great for clearing a fuzzy mind, increasing motivation, ambition and positive decision making. It is strengthening for the spirit. It helps eliminate negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, apathy and stress, replacing it with optimism, laughter, stability, motivation and joy! A very nurturing oil for promoting self-care and love.
(Citrus aurantium ssp Amara)
Neroli is balancing, soothing and nurturing. It reconnects your mind body and soul to a place of joy – perfect for spring. It enhances relaxation and is stabilising, regenerating and strengthening. It enhances self-confidence and fulfilment. It centres your entire being and is very soothing for the nervous system bringing about a sense of calm and at the same time uplifting to the spirit. It is a great anxiety fighter and helps nervous exhaustion and shock. It is very helpful to support anyone who has been depressed long term or short term. It also helps in times of sorrow especially when accompanied by a feeling of emptiness. Neroli is beautiful as we emerge from Winter and step into Spring.
(Cedrus atlantica)
Cedarwood is harmonising and calming. It grounds your whole being bringing self-empowerment and love. As it grounds and harmonises, it allows you to set intentions and goals that align with you and bring you joy. It helps to improve confidence. It is strengthening, warming, soothing and helps in enhancing self-love. It allows focus and openness which enhances caring, endurance, balance and positivity. It’s sedative action helps to reduce stress, depression and exhaustion, allowing the mind to relax and emotional tension to be released. It is energising without being overly stimulating – the effect is smooth, deep and long lasting, making very supportive to the adrenals and nervous system.
The three oils above combine to create my Spring Bliss blend and will support you in the season of Spring to connect to your inner light and bloom.
There are so many oils you could use in the season of Spring. Let me know in the comments what your favourite is for Spring. And always remember, it’s important to choose what you are attracted to.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

Let’s Do Less

Let’s Do Less

The idea for this post came from a very good friend of mine.
In my last blog post I talked about the fact that we’re all busy. It’s true.  It’s a fact of life that we all have a lot going on and when your doctor tells you that you need a break it’s probably time to actually take one. I’m not just talking about a day off here and there, although that’s great! I think it’s about regular time out and not loading too much upon ourselves. We all do it and we need to stop. Now!
You need a long term plan that allows you to thrive. A plan that is tailored to you so it works for you and your lifestyle.
But where do you start? How the hell do you do this when you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, carer, mother, daughter and the list goes on…
  • You get intentional.
  • You prioritise.
  • You practise self love and self care to the max.
  • You say ‘yes’ when it aligns and feels 100% right and you say ‘no’ when it doesn’t.
  • You take your time making a decision – you don’t have to give anyone an answer right away. I have a gotten into the habit, when someone asks me to do something, of saying ‘can I get back to you, I just need to check a few things’.
  • You schedule regular time out in your calendar and you stick to it.
  • You practise tuning into how you feel and what you need and you find ways to give yourself those things.
As I said, it’s a long term plan. One that you continually check in with and tweak as you need to.
It takes planning and practice, but it’s worth it!
Why not start by taking one non essential off your To Do list this week or month and then do the same next week or month.
Remember, small shifts add up to big changes over time.
How will you start doing less? What will you take off your To Do list? Let me know in the comments below.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx