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There is a new wave of conscious creative women who are hungry for change. Globally, women are seeking more connection, purpose, positive leadership and fulfillment in their life. More vibrancy.

Hi, I’m Dee

I invite you to join this movement of women, stepping into their vibrant visible selves. Feeling alive and part of something bigger. Releasing what no longer serves you and embracing a life and body that feels great for you.


maa living is a holistic way of living that supports you to reach your full potential.

  • Achieve vibrant health so you feel energised and alive everyday.
  • Uncover your true passion and purpose and start confidently living in alignment with your true self.
  • Find connection and belonging in deeper relationships with yourself and others.
  • Nourish your mind, body and soul to feel a sense of joy and ease in your life.
Dee’s passion for health and wellness is magnetic. The pillars of support, nourishment and abundance infused within her brand are present within all that she shares. An expert in holistic health and aromatherapy, Dee’s focus on balance and ease was key in supporting me Cara

Maybe you feel you never have enough time? How could you possibly fit one more thing in? Imagine creating more time and space allowing for what’s really important. You can. I’ll show you how.

Or maybe it’s not a priority right now? Investing in yourself and your wellbeing feels indulgent. Or is it? When you do prioritise your needs you reconnect and revitalise every area of your life.

I don’t prescribe a one size fits all solution for my clients. I empower you with tools and techniques to take control of how you feel and show up in the world. Understanding your unique situation and challenges and identifying your opportunities is what I do best.

Dee is the only health and wellbeing coach I’ve consulted with to have helped me in the way I need to be helped; she adapted her approach to me, rather than expecting me to adapt to her Veronika

I’m a qualified coach and aromatherapist with over 17 years experience in the wellbeing industry. I’ve studied at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Divine Living Coaching Academy and have run my own business for over 14 years.

I’ve dedicated my working life to wholistic living and supporting women to shine. I thrive on seeing my sisters become alive, more connected and energised, with the work I do.

As a coach, aromatherapist, massage therapist and creator of my own organic skincare range, I instinctively know what my clients need. It’s taken 17 years but it’s been the most rewarding journey. And now it’s time to package it all into one beautiful offering for you.

Motivated and empowered – I walked out of our session with a sense of lightness, knowing that I have the personal freedom and strength to achieve whatever it is I want in life Indiana Holley, Three Feathers


maa living • your radiant lifestyle

A highly personalised Coaching Program to help you embrace a radiant joy-filled life.

What’s included?

Your maa living – your radiant lifestyle coaching program includes…

  • A Welcome Pack to get to know you and your life desires better.
  • Highly personalised 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me – fornightly, 50 minute sessions via Skype or in person.
  • A follow up email after each session, including a summary of our session, prioritising your next steps and follow up actions so you can implement and start to see change right now.
  • Email support between sessions. Limited access via email during maa living office hours, Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Handouts and information, where relevant, to support your wellbeing and lifestyle goals.

And, of course, encouragement and inspiration every step of the way.



6 sessions over 3 months :: A$1299 (or 3 monthly instalments of $499)

12 sessions over 6 months :: A$2499 (or 6 monthly instalments of $479)


With all the great advice out there it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and who to trust. That’s why I invite you to get your questions answered before choosing your coach. Contact me to book in your complimentary Discovery Session.

You can book your complimentary discovery call with me today. Get your questions answered and find out if we’re a good fit to work together.


contact me to book your call

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