YES! We’ve moved…again!
It was our 4th move in 4 and a half years, so the 5th home we’ve lived in during this time.
In case you’re new around here or you don’t know, our first move, and by far the most emotional, in 2015 was from far North Queensland to Canberra and we’ve now lived in 4 houses in Canberra. Whoa! That seems way too much to me! Each move is a major disruption to our lives – both personally and for our business. Even when it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a big distraction, it is!
Guys, there’s a reason why moving house is considered to be one of the top 10 life stressors. One article on Thrive Global lists it as number 7, but it’s often in the top 5 along with the death of a loved one, divorce, marriage and starting a new job.
Even when the move is a positive and exciting event, there is still stress associated with it. And often we have more than one of these happening at the same time eg. getting married or divorced and moving house.
Moving, or any other big change, just takes time. Time to research and make it happen, time for it to actually happen and time to adjust to the change, to settle in to your new normal.
It’s really important when BIG things are happening in our lives to have things in place to support ourselves. So today I wanted to share 4 things that have helped me during our various moves…


Make a To Do list and from this create an action plan. Then set aside time in your calendar to do what is needed. I always allow a little longer than what I think it will take, and leave some extra time for when things that I haven’t thought of pop up.


Small action steps are key to overcoming overwhelm. Try not to think about every damn thing you’ve got to do and ask yourself what’s the next thing I can do now? Do that. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Take time to slow down each day. Even a 3-5minute meditation in the morning and evening can help you cope better. Get enough sleep, eat as well as you can, get outside and breathe deeply and fully, ask for help. And don’t be hard on yourself. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to do it all and cope with it all yourself.


Write down everything that you are grateful for. Visualise it, breathe it in and really feel it through your whole body. Stop now, close your eyes and really feel it. Know that you are strong and resilient. You have made it through all the challenges life has thrown at you and there’s no reason you won’t make it though this!
All of these things help greatly but even so the reality is, when the dust settles, tiredness – mental, physical and emotional – may arise. The excitement has died down, the stress has subsided – now it is just as important to implement the above strategies. This will help you settle into your new normal.
What do you do to help navigate big changes? Let me know if the comments below.
In health and happiness, Dee xxx

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