As you may already know I’m packing up my house in far North Queensland and moving to Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

I’m not sure I can squeeze a single thing more into my suitcase!

…perhaps one more pair of shoes?!

Nope!, not even a 5ml essential oil bottle!!!!

I wish I could take my entire essential oil collection with me, but practicality prevails! Most of my essential oils are packed safely away but there are some essential oils I can’t live without on this big transition of a trip I’m about to embark on.

14 Essential Oils I Can’t Live Without

Frangipani. Geranium. Ginger. Lavender. Lime. Mandarin. Meditation. Patchouli. Peppermint. Pine. Sandalwood. Sweet Dreams. Tranquillity. Vitality.

And here’s why I can’t live without them…

FrangipaniBliss in a bottle!  So so harmonising, creating inner calm and helping to stabilise your mood.  It is great in times of stress, fear, anxiety and nervous exhaustion.  This happy oil is also uplifiting, alleviating depression and is perfect for relaxation. It brings joy, vitality and optimism and encourages an open heart.  It enhances self-confidence and self-worth, giving you the ability to give yourself the love you need.

GeraniumGeranium is a fantastic balancer for the nervous system.  It relieves stress & depression, strengthening and balancing the mind. It is also excellent for feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, indecisiveness and self doubt.  It is fortifying, comforting and calming, enhancing contentment, confidence and the ability to change.  It balances hormones. It is a lymphatic stimulant. It is a great boost if you are feeling run down. Also very balancing for the skin – it regulates sebum production, strengthens capillaries, assists with dehydration, relieves congestion and soothes emotional stress that is reflected in the skins appearance. It is great as a general overall tonic and immune support.

GingerGinger is grounding, soothing and calming.  It is a physical & spiritual cleanser.  It is emotionally lifting.  It promotes self-confidence, courage and clarity.  It warms the body and promotes circulation.  It soothes tired sore muscles.  It fights fatigue, increases vitality and endurance.  It helps reduce symptoms of colds, coughs & sore throats. It is also great for travel sickness, nausea and mental fatigue.

LavenderLavender is purifying and normalising on an emotional and physical level. It’s antiseptic property also makes it cleansing on a physical level. It is balancing, healing, relaxing and brings comfort and strength to the soul. It is anti-stress and anti-anxiety, very calming and sedating making it great for treating panic, shock, stress, nervous tension and insomnia. It soothes the emotions and calms the mind for positive decision making. It is antibacterial, antispasmodic, good for headaches and muscular aches and pains. It is great for the skin – cleansing, soothing, balancing, antiseptic and antibacterial. It is suitable for all skin types.

LimeLime is bright, lively and lovely. It is uplifting and refreshing especially when mind and body are fatigued. It enhances positive energy and vitality. It is great for overcoming self-doubt, fear and anxiety and helps create the right energy for inspiration, clarity and decisiveness. It revitalises the spirit and is excellent in times of nervous fatigue and stress bringing balance to the mind, body and soul. It is also detoxifying, cleansing and revitalising. And It enhances fun, laughter and appetite for life!

Mandarin: Mandarin is a happy, smiling joyful oil. It can help you connect with your inner child to create a sense of playfulness and bliss. It is balancing, enhancing gentleness and bringing joy and happiness to the heart. It is sedating to the nervous system and uplifts the spirits, making it excellent for depression, sadness, nervous tension, anxiety, panic and stress. It is helpful for insomnia and restlessness. It gives emotional strength and support, peacefulness and serenity. It enhances inspiration and motivation.

Meditation: Meditation is a blend of frankincense, myrrh and rosewood. It helps to create inner calm. It is soothing and relaxing. It heals the spirit. It enhances magic and healing and is perfect for meditation.

Patchouli: Patchouli balances and integrates the energy between mind, body and spirit!.  It is great for anxiety and depression.  It is also good for enhancing purpose and fulfilment.  It is very grounding and deeply calming, creating a true sense of inner peace.  It is also a very gentle oil great for wisdom, laughter and love.

PeppermintPeppermint is very cleansing, cooling and refreshing. It helps relieve headaches and clears mind.  Great if you feel fuzzy-headed or your mind is cluttered with thoughts. It enhances concentration and clarity, bringing calm focused thoughts. helping in the deveopment of new ideas, inspiration, insight and creativity. It very energising, great for fighting fatigue and burn-out.

PinePine is invigorating and self-empowering. It is reviving, fights fatigue, increases energy and enhances overall wellbeing.  It is comforting in times of emotional stress, helping to reduce depression and anxiety. It also reduces self-doubt and confusion, bringing positive energy, love, honesty, inner strength and focus. It allows you to let go of what no longer serves you well. It is cleansing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, enhancing inner wisdom, inspiration and joy. It assists in immune support. It is excellent in adrenal support, energising with out being overly stimulating – making it great for adrenal burnout, chronic fatigue and long term stress.

SandalwoodSandalwood is centring, grounding and harmonising.  It heals the soul, promotes tranquillity and is great for meditation. Great for self-love. It also helps create openness and understanding, promotes love and hope and is excellent for loneliness and overcoming isolation. It gives a feeling of stability and togetherness, providing comfort and healing in times of stress, depression and confusion. It helps insomnia sufferers and is perfect for anyone leading a hectic daily life – and who isn’t these days?!  It is also good for treating lingering past trauma issues.

Sweet Dreams: Sweet Dreams is a blend of rosewood, bergamot, roman chamomile and marjoram. It helps sedate the nervous system and promotes deep and restful sleep. It is grounding, calming and soothes the mind, body and soul. It relaxes and settles the mind and emotions. It enhances spirituality and inner serenity. And is very balancing and restorative.

Tranquillity: Tranquillity is a blend of frangipani, lime and patchouli. It enhances optimism. It is deeply harmonising. It assists in creating inner peace and tranquillity. It integrates positive energy between mind, body and soul.

Vitality: Vitality is a blend of basil, lime, lemon, grapefruit, cypress and juniperberry. It is very cleansing and detoxifying. It helps to increase energy and vitality. It is rejuvenating and reviving to mind, body and spirit.

What are your ‘can’t live without’ essential oils? Head to the comments below and let me know.

So, I head off with my love on this new adventure tomorrow!

I’m super excited and a touch nervous and scared too! And a little sad to be leaving the friends who have been my family for the last 12 years.

But overall E X C I T E D!!!

I’ll be sharing the highlights over on Facebook and Instagram, so come on over and join me.

In health and happiness, Dee

PS the blends I mentioned above will be available here on the website once I’m set up in Canberra…I’ll keep you updated.

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