So, where did my love of aromatherapy and natural skincare begin?

Well, skincare has always been a passion of mine. 

Stress affects my skin in many different ways and from a very young age I had bad skin – breakouts, eczema and sensitivities.

These days it’s mostly good because I look after it with daily, weekly and monthly skincare rituals. 

Also I, mostly, look after it from the inside too by eating well and drinking plenty of water, herbal tea and supplements if needed.

And I take time out to relax, to nurture my soul. Walking, journaling and deep breathing are a few rituals I do almost every day.

I believe it takes all three to get your skin calm and clear and glowing – skincare, diet and self care. They all work together to keep us well.

I was over the moon when I discovered aromatherapy and natural skin care over 20 years ago. I’d been interested in natural remedies and therapies for a long time and when I started using essential oils I fell in love with them.

My collection slowly grew and I started to learn more about them through books, short courses and the experience of using the essential oils in different ways.

I found they helped me manage stress by calming and bringing my mind, body and soul into harmony.  This in turn helped my skin, as well as the fact that the oils have properties that supported my skin to come back into balance and to heal.

This love of aromatherapy led me to studying and ultimately creating my business. I was in my late 20’s at this point and really thought I’d never find work that was meaningful to me. 

I saw the healing power of these precious essential oils first hand and I wanted to be able to help other people in this way.

It also led me to creating my own essential oil blends and a skin care range to use in my facial treatments that I now retail at the wellbeing studio and online.

I continue to learn more and more all the time and I still love it!

So that’s how I came to create this beautiful business that I love. I feel so lucky!

I love helping people so if you have a questions don’t hesitate to pop it below and I’ll answer is as best as I can.

In health and happiness, Dee xxx

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