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insight • clarity • healing

An Oracle Card reading to support you to connect with yourself, your intentions and desires on a deeper level.
Using the Moon Deck Oracle Card set we will choose 3 cards to receive insights and clarity around your authentic self, your healing, your growth and your purpose.

Beauty, Love, Support!  Everything Dee does is purely beautiful and makes you feel incredibly special.

Indiana Holley

Three Feathers

What’s included?

Your Moon Deck Oracle Card reading includes…

  • A personalised 3 card Moon Deck Oracle card reading.
  • Insights to the meaning of each card and how it applies to you.
  • Personalised guidance and action steps.
  • Rituals you can use to enhance the message of each card.
  • Information on suggested essential oils to supercharge your reading.
  • An email detailing your oracle card reading. Includes the description of your card, personalised insights and guidance, suggested essential oils and rituals to enhance the insights you receive.

What to bring

  • A notebook or journal + your favourite pen if you’d like to take notes during the reading.


$129.00 | allow 50 mins
Available in person or via Skype/Zoom
To book in please call 0413 045 449 or


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